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May 29, 2014

This week, Pete and Dom focus on another of the 7 Levers of Business: Increasing your average item value. In the simplest terms this could be as easy as raising your prices, but they also discuss other approaches if this is not an option. / / -= Links =-

May 13, 2014

This week, Pete talks to Joe Cross, producer of the film, ?Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead?. They talk about how Joe came to make the movie, the journey he took in filming and promoting it, and the business he has developed around it. / / -= Links =- / / - On

May 6, 2014

This week Pete and Dom talk about increasing the number of items you sell in each transaction (one of the Seven Levers of Business). They discuss why this is good for your business and give lots of examples of how you can do this in your own business. /