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Mar 27, 2014

Pete and Dom discuss a framework for improving the conversions of any website by focusing on the needs of the visitor instead of what you want to tell them. This framework comes from Pete?s free ?VD Report? that he originally published on his web site. /

Mar 16, 2014

Pete talks to author Ben Angel about his new book, Flee 9 to 5, and the many frameworks for success that it contains. They talk about personal branding, frameworks for product strategy and for Social Media Marketing Strategy among other topics. / / -= We

Mar 9, 2014

In this show, Pete talks to Dr Jason Fox, author of The Game Changer. They discuss motivation, and how you can use the principles behind games to motivate yourself and others. They also talk about goal setting and measuring progress. / / -= Win Stuff! =-

Mar 1, 2014

Pete and Dom discuss the principles in Neil Rackham?s SPIN Selling technique for making high-value sales, then they apply the the techniques to the 7 Levers of Business to show how you can benefit from them, whatever your product or service. / / Pete has