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Nov 17, 2014

Alec Lynch is one of the founders of DesignCrowd, a marketplace for crowdsourced design services. He talks to Pete about the challenges (and benefits) of getting investment and also gives some great tips on using the DesignCrowd service successfully. / / -= 7 Levers Report =- / - Find out more about the 7 Levers of business / / -= Links =- / / - Online / - Try out the Crowdsourced Design Service / / - Pete?s new business venture / / - Books / You can try out a lot of the books we recommend in audio format with Audible: / / - Free trial with a free audio book download for PreneurCast listeners / / - Previous PreneurCast Episodes / All previous episodes are available over at along with show notes, links and full transcripts of each episode. / / -=- / For more information about Pete and Dom, visit us online at or drop us a line at: / / If you like what we?re doing, please leave us a review on iTunes or a comment on the Web Site at